I approach every surgery with the philosophy to remove the mesh completely. 

Sample of Mesh Removal…

39 TVT retropubic sling removals after partial vaginal removals
31 Miniarc sling mesh removal with anchor removal
22 Adjust sling mesh removal with anchors
8 Elevate mesh kits_anterior posterior with TOT sling mesh removal

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What Patients Have To Say…

purple-heart“In 2009, I had a bladder sling put in and ever since that day, I have been in severe pain. I followed up with the 2 doctors that had done the surgery stating to them that I have been having severe pain on my right side since I had the surgery. The one doctor did an internal ultrasound and the findings were that everything looked good.They both individually stated that they didn’t see anything wrong and so I felt like they thought that I was making up the pain. This past October of 2013, I went to Dr. Veronikis to get yet another opinion. Dr. Veronikis who took his time and not in any hurry took the time to listen to me and then he explained what the procedure was to remove the mesh that had been plaguing my life with severe pain for years. Now, since the mesh has been removed, I am completely pain free right after the surgery. Ladies, If you are looking for a doctor who is thorough and who will take his time listening to you, and come up with a solution, see Dr. Veronikis. You won’t regret it.”  Doris B., RN

Vaginal Mesh Removal Surgeon

The fundamental aspects of mesh removal surgery can be summarized into seven basic principles:

Dionysios Veronikis, MD

Dionysios Veronikis, MD

1) Extreme expertise in vaginal surgery
2) Knowledge of pelvic anatomy
3) The surgeon’s ability to obtain exposure
4) Understanding of incontinence and prolapse conditions and their treatments
5) Knowledge of vaginal mesh post-implantation effects
6) Technical skill
7) Surgical judgment

Mesh removal is a highly complicated technical procedure secondary to the distorted anatomy and previously operated tissue. Therefore, it is best to pursue mesh removal with a master vaginal surgeon, who is tenured in the treatment of prolapse and incontinence and appropriately capable of obtaining adequate exposure without undo tissue destruction.

Above all, it is the surgical judgment and individual skill set of that surgeon that makes the difference for the outcomes of each particular patient.